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When it gets into stable age distribution, both the entire population and each age class in it are growing exponentially at the constant rate, r, and that r has exactly the same meaning as it did when we were back dealing with a simple population in just that simple differential equation. Okay, now what about evaporative water loss? And I want you to remember that if an individual is encountering increased population density, during its life, as it grows from a zygote up through an adult and reproduces, the effect of increasing density will be to decrease its growth rate. So intra-specific competition produces great variation in capacity to reproduce and in reproductive success, and that means that wherever you have reproductive and mortality skew, that's being produced by intra-specific competition, you are generating the conditions for natural selection. So what we're doing here is starting off with Claude Bernard, the great French physiologist who came up with the idea that one of the basic things going on in organisms is that they're trying to keep their inside constant, while the outside changes; the idea of homeostasis, la constance du milieu intérieur.

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Then there are two different kinds of ways of thinking about survival.


The first one is that species 1 wins. And that would allow you to maintain a nice steady internal temperature, until you got down to your maximum heat output, by all physiological mechanisms combined, and if the external temperature drops even further than that, and you're no longer able to keep up, you will freeze and die down at that end. Eucalyptus trees from Australia, and Casuarina trees, which come from Northern Australia, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, have been introduced around the world. That adds up to Five offspring come from this group and 12 offspring come from this group, and we get You go in and try to take the rectal temperature of a brown bear and you better be ready to run in a hurry. This is increasing, but the rate at which it's increasing is being affected by the density.


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